Optometry Degree

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The Optometry degree was born in the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes in September 1979. In 1981, was when we first started offering clinical service to the community with the first optometry clinic, which was located on Calle Abasolo; this clinic was equipped with 4 consulting rooms. In 1983 the clinic moved to the building “June 19” in the center of the city, where we already counted with 8 consulting rooms, by 1992 these clinical activities were translated to the Didactic Medical Unit (UMD) located in the main campus of our university this unit was equipped with new and sophisticated equipment consisted of 12 Refraction consulting rooms, 1 of Physiological Optics, 1 of contact lenses, 3 of Visual and perceptual therapy, 1 pathology and 1 in low vision.

Nowadays the Department of Optometry of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes has agreements with international universities in several countries such as: Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and some other agreements within our country with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). With these agreements it has been possible to accomplish some exchanges between teachers and students.

The degree in Optometry has been taught for 35 years; in those years we have had  30 generations with a total of 672 students, the pursuit for educational excellence has always been important for the University and thanks to proper management of the various authorities, in 1995 2 professors were able to achieve a  special preparation at The University of Puerto Rico, and a  year after that in 1996 two professors obtained the specialty in visual therapy in the State University of New York (SUNY).

In regard of the research field, teachers engage in this activity in an organized manner as members of the faculty Vision Sciences, recognized by PROMEP through its research in visual basics and clinical sciences

In 2003 we first offered the Master in Optometric Science with support from the State University of New York.  This master was the first in field of Optometry in the country. And by 2011 the Master in Visual Rehabilitation was available.

35 years after its foundation, the Department of Optometry continues to grow and improve in the fields of research and teaching, leaning on edge technology equipment, such as a computerized perimeter and a surveyor Pentacam of anterior segment, which provide important support in the research, diagnosis and treatment of certain major eye conditions, offering a complete and more specialized service for the community of Aguascalientes.

In a medium-term projection, The department is preparing a doctorate in optometry and a specialty in contact lenses.